Just updated the site to GatsbyJS and Netlify

and did a performance test with surprising results

It’s been a while my fellow CSS lovers. I recently updated the site with something different than Wordpress. Check the recent screenshot:

This is only the start and I still can’t believe it, but if you want to make a site fast, there is an alternative way static sites vs wordpress. Would you be interested in a tutorial?

What I did recently:

  1. Installed Gatsby MDX starter

  2. Deployed to Netlify vs Dreamhost (current hosting)

  3. Used a custom domain

You could easily find this stuff online, but if you’re interested in how I did it, please let me know.

This has been the first email since csspurge.com was launched, looking at popular sites and frameworks. If you have basic knowledge of CSS, HTML, hosting, domains the above is straightforward.

Stay hungry

Roy at csspurge